Cosmetic treatments and facial fillers are available at monthly clinics. The clinics are run by Dr Paul Temple a senior NHS Doctor and expert Cosmetic Physician specialising in facial rejuvenation and Dr Paul Pykes a NHS GP and experienced Cosmetic Practitioner, and have been held at The Tanning & Beauty Clinic for five years. Contact us for the date of the next clinic and to book an appointment.


Dermal Fillers

As we grow older, our skin loses moisture and elasticity and begins to show the signs of ageing. Juvéderm® facial fillers can gently ease wrinkles, add volume and enhance your lips in a subtle way. range of facial fillers, loved by millions worldwide.


This is the number one treatment for facial lines and wrinkles. Its reliability and safety profile are excellent. It is virtually pain free and causes no significant distress or down time.

Skin Peels

These involve the application of a very mild form of acid to the skin of the face, which is then neutralised with cream after a few seconds. The process can sting mildly. The skin subsequently peels a few days later to leave a much healthier appearance.

Mesotherapy and PRP Injections

Vitamin rich fluid or even the patients own plasma (via a blood sample) are injected into the skin to refresh and improve appearance. 

Eliminator Non-Surgical
Face Lifting

It’s fast and efficient - with each session only taking 20 minutes.

Lifts eye area, firms and tones facial muscles.