To facial or not to facial

So we all know that skin care routines are important, right? Comment below if you are one of those who know it, but don’t follow a regular one….

Ok, so I’m not going to claim to have a strict face care routine that I NEVER deviate from. Once I’ve had three glasses of vino, the likelihood is I’m waking up with a face covered in mascara and lipstick.

However, especially as I creep closer toward middle-age, I am quite understanding of the importance of a good skin care routine, and my bathroom cupboard is full of deep cleaning face masks, peels, exfoliators etc. So every time I do wake up looking like the joker, I ensure that I give myself a thorough, deep cleaning facial to make up for my sins. And this is still, of course, very important.

However, even for those of us who do have a strict skin care regime, it is still important to give you’re face a professional look in once in a while. Regardless of whether you have the most perfect complexion or not, treating your skin to some professional pampering can have huge benefits.

So why should you give your skin such TLC? Well, your skin is your body’s largest organ and it is what protects you from the rest of the outside world including all of the toxins, weather battering’s and anything else your general surroundings throw at you. Regardless of how old you are, it is important to consider that healthier skin will help you fight the signs of ageing, will heal much faster and will help you to stave off disease and infection. So I’m sure you will agree that it is really important to take care of it!

Getting a facial will provide your skin with much bigger benefits than following your usual face care routine (which is still hugely important by the way, so no slacking off!). One of the first things you will find is that getting a professional to take a look at your skin will help you to understand how and why it behaves like it does. Now only will this help your beautician identify the best course of treatment at the time, but it will also help you to ensure that your regular routine is one which is the best for the type of skin you have.

Professional treatments will also help to cleanse your pores in a way that you never would be able to at home, regardless of all the expensive wonder treatments you have invested in.

There are also some things that you should never try out at home. Take the last facial I went for, for example. I was treated to a light steam with aromatherapy fragrance. This made my skin feel absolutely incredible and was so relaxing, I nearly fell asleep. This is absolutely not something you should DIY, likelihood is, you will come out in blisters, or worse!

Above all though, having a facial is so relaxing. It’s not just a bit of time for some skin pampering, it is also a good time so let your brain switch off, disengage from the world, and finally relax! As stress is one of the key factors leading to bad skin, this is an essential part of the experience.

But most of all, regardless of you skin type, facials will have you leaving with a new found confidence. I don’t particularly have massive problem skin, but after having a facial, my skin feels so smooth, healthy and glowing and I walk with a new found spring in my step.

Facials don’t have to be a huge drain on your bank balance either. You don’t need to go for a facial a week to feel the benefit. Once a month, or even every couple of months will help to give your skin the treatment that it needs, and will ensure that you get all the good advice from your beautician about your skin care routine to ensure you have the healthiest skin possible.

So yes, I am definitely one to facial, and I would certainly recommend that you give it a go. Top tip though, remember that facials are hugely relaxing, and that you will likely have been lying down for 30 mins or more. Make sure you get up slowly once its done, or you will fall over…not that I’m speaking from experience…