The Tanning & Beauty Clinic offers high quality weaves and extensions. Hair extensions are extremely versatile and now come in a wide range of colors and textures. Whether you want to create long, beautiful locks, or add volume to fine hair, we have the skills to give you the hairstyle you want. Fabulous, feel good hair starts here.

Hair Extensions

No heat, glue or braids are used so there is no damage or stress to your hair. Consultation FREE

Micro weave £25 per row, 3 rows or more £75 (fitting only, for prices including hair will require colour match at consultation)

Micro ring individual from £180 (including hair)

Hair Extensions

Nano ring individual from £220 (including hair)

Maintenance tightening:
Micro weave £10 per row / Individuals from £25

Removal: Micro weave £10 / Individuals £20

Repairs: FREE

Prices for micro weave including hair:


Prices from £120


Prices from £190


Prices from £280