Kate has been working as a massage therapist or over 10 years. In that time she has trained in different styles of massage:
• Swedish massage; manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purpose, benefits both body and mind. The massage also stimulates the circulation which speeds up the Lymphatic system boosting blood flow and removing toxins
• Stress massage; will help you deeply relax whether the stress is caused by work, family or environmental pressures
• Sports techniques; great for pre and post event to be invigorated and afterwards to relax and reduce the toxins caused by activity
• Complimentary therapies; Indian head massage, aroma therapy, reflexology

BUT… you do not have to have a particular complaint, be stressed or someone who plays sport! Everyone should have regular massage as it is very good for the body, it’s relaxing, aids sleep and gives a general feeling of wellbeing.

All the different systems of the body have positive effects from massage: 
• Circulation is increased so increases the nourishment delivered to the tissues
• Lymph circulation is boosted so reducing congestion and fluid retention
• Nervous system, sensory nerve endings are relaxed
• Skeletal system benefitted by the outer coating of the bone, periosteum, being strengthened
• Muscular system is improved by stretching shortened muscle fibres, reduces fatigue by eliminating Lactic acid build up
• Digestive system improved by stimulating the movement of food through the gut
• Endocrine system balanced through relaxation which reduces the secretion of Adrenalin so improves the secretion of healing cortisone.

Whether your aim is to relax and rejuvenate or you need a pick me up, we can offer you a treatment to suit your needs.
Come along to the Tanning and Beauty Clinic and make your first steps to better health.