At the Tanning & Beauty Salon, we have a range of treatments for the guys who believe in looking great, in fact 40% of our clients are men! Today men are much more conscious about their health and the way they look, our range of treatments includng facials, massage and hair removal, manicures, pedicures and tanning.

Hair removal is our most popular treatment and not as painful as men envisage, it will help keep skin looking naturally smooth and enhances muscle definition.

Back wax from £20

Back and shoulders from £25 

Chest wax from £20 

Chest, abs & shoulders from £30

Buttocks & crack £32

Butt crack only £22

Scrotum, crack & pubic triangle £60

Manicure £12

Pedicure £20 

Eyebrow Tidy £9

Eyelash Tint £9